Teacher Evaluation Model

What is EEE?

EEE stands for Empowering Excellence in Educators and is an acronym that describes the instructional practice portion of teacher evaluation in St. Johns County School District. Our schools visibly value and invest in lifelong learning and continual improvement. Within any St. Johns County school, the common culture of “good isn’t good enough” is easily recognized as a guiding principle. Parents, school administrators, teachers, district office personnel and community stakeholders have their eye on the same target: student success. EEE is one of the avenues our school district uses to support teacher development and increased student outcomes. Our district has adopted the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model framework. This model is made up of 60 elements designed to inform the instructional practices of teachers across 4 Domains: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors, Planning and Preparing, Reflecting on Teaching, and Collegiality and Professionalism. The Marzano framework was designed using thousands of studies conducted over 50 years. These studies have been published and have been widely used by K–12 educators around the world.

Category I teachers

A Category 1 teacher is any teacher who has 0-3 years of verified teaching experience. Also included in this category are any beginning teachers and new to SJCSD teachers regardless of previous teaching experience. Additionally, this includes teachers who broke service with SJCSD and have returned to the system. Teachers new to the field remain a Category 1 teacher for three years. Teachers with more than three years verified teaching experience who are new to the school district remain a Category 1 teacher for one year. See chart below.

Type of observation Observation length Category I teachers – # of observations Category II and III teachers – # of observations
Walk through 5 minutes 4 4
Informal 20-30 minutes 3 1-2
Formal Whole lesson; including a pre and post conference 2 1