1 to 1 Digital Instruction

Participating Schools:

Crookshank Elementary 5th grade Lenovo Laptops
Ketterlinus Elementary 2nd grade iPads,
5th grade Lenovo Laptops
Palencia Elementary K-2 iPads, 3-5 Lenovo Laptops
South Woods Elementary 1st and 2nd grades iPads,
3rd and 4th grades Lenovo Laptops
Sebastian Middle School 6-8 Lenovo Laptops
St. Johns Technical Middle grades iPads,
High School Lenovo Laptops
Patriot Oaks Academy 5th-8th grade Lenovo Laptops
Valley Ridge Academy 5th-8th grade Lenovo Laptops
  • Teachers new to the program receive paid professional development over the summer.
  • Teachers receive ongoing support from the district Ed Tech Specialists throughout the school year.
  • St. Johns County 1:1 digital schools use Class Link, which is a single sign-on option, so students only need one username/password to access all their online textbooks and digital resources.