Annual STAR Banquet

Eighty-three of St. Johns County Schools’ best and brightest were honored by Flagler Hospital and St. Johns County School Board at the annual Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) Awards Banquet held Wednesday, April 6 at the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort.

The STAR Awards recognize the top three percent of all graduating seniors in the county. Thirteen students from Bartram Trail High School, two from Beacon of Hope Christian School, 20 from Creekside High School (CHS), 9 from Pedro Menendez High School (PMHS), 13 from Nease High School (NHS), 11 from Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS), 10 from St. Augustine High School (SAHS), and five from St. Joseph Academy received commendation for their outstanding academic performance.

“Flagler Hospital is pleased to bring this very special event to our community in recognition of our county’s top students, their parents and their mentors,” said Flagler Hospital President and CEO Joe Gordy. “St. Johns County’s ongoing success would not be possible without our area’s stellar educational system, led by Dr. Joe Joyner and the dedicated members of our school board.”

During the recognition ceremony principals introduced each student and then a special mentor selected by the student. Principals shared their STAR students’ future plans and why they selected the teacher they chose to honor. In addition to making top grades, these students are involved in athletics, performing groups, school clubs and community service.

The STAR students and their mentors are as follows:

Bartram Trail High School – Evan Armstrong with Atef Soliman; Kaitlyn Burdsall with Ramona Deese; David Damiani with Kate Keating; Jenna Ellinger with Robert Bruns; Douglas Griswold with Sharon Oliver; Andrew Hoover with Paul Grybb; Nicola Martens with Ofelia Hampton; Hannah Moring with Julie Tugya; Alison Murman with Jenna Yow; Sarah Stinson with Stephanie Hammett; Melinda Szabo with Cathy Crowe; Sydnee Vaughan with Chris Patterson; and Mark Wiegreffe with James Bachhuber

Beacon of Hope Christian School – Kenneth Pavilando with Jeremy Dowler and Caitlyn Pettway with Cindy Pryor

Creekside High School – Brighton Ancelin with Jameson Pickett; Sophie de Jong with Laura Wynn;  Hope Epting with Rick Fowler; Kaitlin Huo with Rachel Kurtz; Sierra Hutchens with Ann Rush; Chelsea Janda with Angie Trentham; Karen Jeong with Denise Heidenreich; Elizabeth Johnson with Cheri Stucki; Morgan Klein with Justin Vogel; Keilani Medvec with Kelli Knowles; Elizabeth Neuzil with Kevin Davenport; Nadia Obaed with Kelli Knowles; Justin Roy with Troy Keefe; Abigail Salley with Laura Wynn; James Schnell with Richard Villadoniga; Charles Sherwood with William B. Adams; Nina Sizemore with Lynda Kelly; Maxwell Tsurumoto with Kevin Davenport; Owen Wheeler with Amy Cocchiola; and Tyler Wills with Jameson Pickett

Allen D. Nease High School – Noah Ari with Jaime Combs; Sanjana Bhargava with Amy Banton; Gabriela Castello with Derek Coghlan; Nicolas Cort with Chris Williams; Alex Jasper with Marta Senyszyn; Angelica Lagasca with H.A. Smith; Aaron Lemos with A.J. Lloyd; Divya Mahesh with Debra Tewey; Tala Mansouri with Kim Hollis; Abigail Prohofsky with Rosa Maria Weaver; Nidhi Suresh with Holly Farson; Stephanie Thompson with Melissa Bourgeois; and Kyle Wai with Matt Augenstein

Pedro Menendez High School – Michael John Atkins, II with Becci Smith; Morgan Gomez aith Rusty Luker; Hannah Kilbride with Vicki Murphy; Isabella Masarik with Paul Villavisanis; Meagan McKinney  with Amy de Vries; Bryan Miller with Gail Needham; Jasraj Raghuwanshi with Cynthia Morrison; Sabrina Schrope with Gwen Westfall; and Tiffany Vlasenko with John Miller

Ponte Vedra High School – Abhimanyu Ahuja with Randy Blake; Margaret Barnhorst with John Weinbrenner; Megan Calvin with Catherine Snowden; Yooree Ha with Katilyn Collazo; Matthew Johnson; Nicole Johnson; John Molm with James Johnson; William O’Hara with Christine Kochan; Darryl Oswald with Christophe McArthur; Marissa Reinker with Randy Blake; and Cassia Wang with Kathryn Kehoe

St. Augustine High School – Zoe Dewith with Chelsey Baker; Caitlin Douglas with Jeff Dodd; Caitlyn Hutchings with Sgt. Robert Gober; Elsa Ingwersen with Christine Mars; Jonathan Justice with Suzanne Stauble; Deryl Long with Warren McCrary; Emily Onimus with Michael Beaman; Kyle Rose with Nathaniel Wuellner; Michael Whittaker with Clark Johnston; and Brooke Woods with Tiegh Collins

St. Joseph Academy – Delany Bolton with Michael Maloney; Athena Fruehan with Jeri Williar; Isabella Garofalo with Christopher Williams; Cynthia Hund with John Monsalve; Chandler McDevitt with Erin Flannigan

Joe Gordy, CEO of Flagler Hospital, served as emcee. School Board Chair Patrick Canan and Superintendent Dr. Joseph Joyner provided remarks and School Board Vice Chair Tommy Allen and School Board Members Kelly Barrera and Bill Mignon were in attendance.

The annual event is produced by Flagler Hospital in partnership with the STAR Committee Members including Daniel Burkert, PVHS; Jennifer Fornera, CHS; Melissa Roughan, BTHS; Wanda Logan, SAHS; Kim Hollis, NHS; Stephanie Jones, PMHS; Jeri Williar, St. Joseph Academy; Mary Whitfield and Cindy Pryor, Beacon of Hope Christian School and John Eaton, Colleen Hobin and Emily Stimler, Flagler Hospital. VIP Presentation Products provided the student and mentor certificate holders.

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