Remainder of FCAT Scores Released

The last scores for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) were received today and St. Johns County students continue to score well above the state average at every level. On the Sunshine State Standards (SSS), which are required skills for graduation, St. Johns County students scored in the top three in reading and math at every grade level among all 67 Florida school districts. Students also ranked first or second in the state in 14 out of 16 grade-level categories.

FCAT Science was given to students in fifth and eighth grades. St. Johns County fifth graders ranked first in the state, and eighth graders ranked second in the state.

The FCAT, which assesses reading, math and science skills, was given in April to students in grades three through 10 throughout the state. Achievement levels range from one to five, with Level 3 being considered proficient. The test is part of a statewide effort to increase student performance and school accountability.

“I am infinitely proud of the efforts of our teachers, students and curriculum staff,” said Superintendent Dr. Joseph Joyner. “Even with the raised cut scores we continue to elevate our performance as a district. This is a testament to the hard work and ability of students and staff to rise to the challenge of this increased rigor in academic assessments.”

Ranking in State
2012 SJCSD % Level 3 & above
State % Level 3 & above
3rd Grade 1st 75 56
4th Grade 1st 79 62
5th Grade 1st 77 61
6th Grade 1st 75 57
7th Grade 1st 75 58
8th Grade 1st 71 55
9th Grade 1st 72 52
10th Grade 1st 70 50
Grade 5 1st 68 51
Grade 8 2nd 66 46


3rd Grade 3rd 73 58
4th Grade 3rd (T) 74 60
5th Grade 1st (T) 71 57
6th Grade 1st (T) 72 53
7th Grade 2nd 72 56
8th Grade 1st 77 57

T=(Tied with another district)

School grades for elementary and middle schools are expected to be released this summer. High school grades will not be announced until this fall because the high school grading system incorporates data not yet available such as graduation rates and results of advanced academic testing.

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