2012 Science Fair Winners

Joseph Paul of Ponte Vedra High School won top honors in the Senior Division of the 2012 River Region East Science Fair held last week at First Coast Technical College. “Depletion of pgrn-1 Induces Cleavage of Exogenous Human TAR DNA Binding Protein-43 in C Elegans” was the title of his project.

Adam Snowden of Landrum Middle School won best overall in the Junior Division. Alex’s project was entitled, “Creating a Sound Activated Music performance Timer, Phase 2.”

Approximately 130 science projects represented by 156 participants were involved in the River Region East Science Fair. The overall winners will be recognized at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 13.

Participating middle schools included Fruit Cove Middle School (FCMS), Landrum Middle School (LMS), Liberty Pines Academy (LPA), Murray Middle School (MMS), Pacetti Bay Middle School (PBMS), Gamble Rogers Middle School (GRMS), Sebastian Middle School (SMS) and Switzerland Point Middle School (SPMS). Also participating were Palmer Catholic Academy (PCA), Cathedral Parish School (CPS), and Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB).

Participating high schools were Creekside High School (CHS), Pedro Menendez High School (PMHS), Nease High School (NHS), Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS), St. Augustine High School (SAHS), and St. Johns Virtual School (SJVS).

The category winners are listed below.


1st Place- Rina and Sonia Samant –PVHS
2nd Place- Conner Clukey-NHS
3rd Place- Charley Hillis-PMHS
Honorable Mention-Kiel Parker and Matthew Carter-PMHS

Math/Engineering/Computer and Earth Sciences
1st Place Engineering- David DiMare-PMHS
1st Place Computer Science-Kurt Hennigar-SJVS
2nd Place- Alexa Burch-PVHS
3rd Place- Erol Bahadiraglu-SAHS
Honorable Mention-none
Medicine and Health Sciences
1st Place (tie)- Caroline Snowden- PVHS and Joseph Paul- PVHS
2nd Place-Lucy Ford-PVHS
3rd Place-Zachary Quicksall-PVHS

1st Place-Maya Goldman-PVHS
2nd Place-Christopher Barrington-CHS
3rd Place-Steven Bew-NHS
Honorable Mention-Joey Andreola-CHS

Zoology/Botany and Environment
1st Place-Victoria Williams-PVHS
2nd Place-Taylor Smeland-PMHS
3rd Place-none
Honorable Mention (tie)-Kaleigh Kessler- PVHS, Lexi Schur-PVHS, and Olivia Beech-PVHS


Behavioral Sciences
1st Place-Wilson Erickson and Sam Still-LMS
2nd Place- Paige Eastland-LMS
3rd Place- Katelyn Gray-FCMS
Honorable Mention-Tyler Hagedoorn-GRMS

1st Place-Gabriela Castello-LMS
2nd Place-Sanjana Bhargava and Elsa Ingwersen-MMS
3rd Place-Brandon Starner-PBMS
Honorable Mention-Caitlyn Hutchings-MMS

Engineering Sciences
1st Place-Adam Snowden-LMS
2nd Place-Perry Bechtle-LMS
3rd Place-Nicholas Platt-SMS
Honorable Mention- Cameron Adams-PBMS

Energy Physics Sciences
1st Place-Brighton Ancelin-FCMS
2nd Place-Patrick Farrar-LMS
3rd Place-Christian Metcalf-PCA
Honorable Mention-Theodore Cheng-FCMS

1st Place- James Carpenter-FCMS
2nd Place- Dawson Nevin-LPA
3rd Place-Kyle Sowards-CPS
Honorable Mention (tie)-Hope Diaz-FCMS and Megan Wolf-FCMS

Materials Physics
1st Place-Dylan Tovey-MMS
2nd Place-Noah Ari-LMS
3rd Place-Daniela McCarty-SPMS
Honorable Mention- Amy Dantin-PCA

Medicine and Health
1st Place- Ava and Audrey DuBose-FCMS
2nd Place-Cynthia Hund-CPS
3rd Place-Chloe Carames-PCA
Honorable Mention-Tanner Aichele-LPA

Sports Physics
1st Place-Kaitlin Haines-LPA
2nd Place- Matthew Hill-MMS
3rd Place- Jonathan Magiske and Anthony Taylor-LMS
Honorable Mention-Ethan Dudley-LPA

Zoology and Botany
1st Place Zoology/Biology- Harrison Snowden –LMS
1st Place Microbiology- Daniel McIntosh-PBMS
2nd Place- Divya Mahesh-PBMS
3rd Place- Joseph Sarci-PCA
Honorable Mention-none

Twenty-four students representing nine schools were selected to go on to compete at the State Science Fair scheduled April 3-5 in Lakeland. Science Fair Director Mark Lewis is coordinating the trip.

The participants are listed below:

Wilson Erickson, LMS
Sam Still, LMS
Perry Bechtle, LMS
Audrey DuBose, FCMS
Ava DuBose, FCMS
Brighton Ancelin, FCMS
James Carpenter, FCMS
Daniel McIntosh, FCMS
Dylan Tovey, MMS
Adam Snowden, LMS
Harrison Snowden, LMS
Gabriella Castello, LMS
Kaitlin Haines, LPA
Chris Barrington, CHS
Joseph Paul, PVHS
Lucinda Ford, PVHS
Kurt Hennigar, SJVS
Rina Samant, PVHS
Sonia Samant, PVHS
Maya Goldman, PVHS
David DiMare, PMHS
Alexa Burch, PVHS
Caroline Snowden, PVHS
Victoria Williams, PVHS

Joseph Paul was also selected to represent St. Johns County at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on May 13-18. FPL is donating $400 to defray the cost of travel for Joseph and his chaperone to attend this event. In addition, FPL awarded $50 each to Adam Snowden and Joseph Paul as the overall junior and senior winners, respectively.

Northrop Grumman provided a “Going Green Award” to two projects exhibiting the greatest potential for sustainability. The award consisted of $50 to each student, and $450 to each student’s school for a sustainability project. The winners were David DiMare of Pedro Menendez High School for the Senior Division and Kyle Sowards of Cathedral Parrish School for the Junior Division.

The annual River Region East Science Fair is an academic competition designed to challenge students to meticulously apply science process skills and content knowledge in order to investigate scientific questions of their own choosing. Participants also experience the importance of practicing science ethics and responsibility on a personal level.