Algebra 1 End-of-Course Exam Scores

    St. Johns County students placed first in the state on the newly required Algebra I End-of-Course exams.  
Of the 2,556 students tested, 58 percent scored in the top one-third compared to 35 percent for the state. St. Johns County’s mean score was 55 compared to the state mean score of 49.
Students taking the test included any student currently enrolled in Algebra I.
“I am so proud of everyone and very grateful for the hard work done by our teachers and curriculum staff,” said Superintendent Joseph Joyner. “This is special for the algebra teachers but a victory for math instruction at all grade levels.”
Dr. Linda Thomson, Director for Instructional Services, credits quarterly formative assessments with helping to keep teachers on track in the pacing and rigor of the material.
“Kim Wuellner, the district’s Program Specialist for Secondary Math, spent a great deal of time with teachers explaining the item specifications, working on district-developed end-of-course exams and assisting with professional development to help math teachers implement the Algebra I standards,” said Tim Egnor, Senior Director for Curriculum and Learning.
The Algebra I End-of-Course exam replaces the ninth grade FCAT Math exam. Next year there will no longer be tenth grade FCAT Math, and it will be replaced by an end-of-course exam for students taking Geometry. Likewise eleventh grade FCAT Science will be replaced by an end-of-course exam for students taking Biology.