School Grades

School grades released today show the St. Johns County School District has maintained its ranking as the number one district in the state.  St. Johns County Schools had 21 “A” schools and 3 “B” schools.
Thirteen elementary schools, all seven middle schools and the district’s only K-8 school all received “A”s this year.
R. B. Hunt Elementary improved from a “B” to an “A.” Ketterlinus Elementary and Timberlin Creek Elementary both went from an “A” to a “B” based on learning gains of the bottom quartile, which are still in question around the state. Crookshank Elementary remained a solid “B.” ABLE charter school went from an “A” to a “C.”
“Even though we traditionally rank among the top performing school districts in Florida, we are disappointed that the state has still not addressed the discrepancy in statewide learning gains to our satisfaction,” said Superintendent Dr. Joseph Joyner. “Reforms in Florida, such as performance pay for teachers, won’t work until we are confident that the data on student learning gains is valid.”
Twelve other elementary schools retained their “A” status, including Cunningham Creek Elementary, Durbin Creek Elementary, Hartley Elementary, Hickory Creek Elementary, Julington Creek Elementary,  Mason Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary, Ocean Palms Elementary, Osceola Elementary, Ponte Vedra-Palm Valley/ Rawlings Elementary, South Woods Elementary and Wards Creek Elementary. The grade for The Webster School is pending but they are expected to make an “A.”
“I’m very proud of the outstanding work done by both our teachers and students this past year,” added Dr. Joyner. “We really are blessed with exceptional teachers, administrators and support staff and, of course, incredible parent support.”
The high school grading system has changed this year and includes several new categories, such as graduation rate, and participation and performance in accelerated programs. High school grades are expected to be released in November.