Action Team Nominations

The St. Johns County School District is inviting you to help plan its vision for the future. The school district is embarking on a new strategic planning effort. The current strategic plan is now almost ten years old and was meant to direct the district until 2010.
During the past few months the district has held various focus groups to determine the success of the 2001-2010 plan. Dr. Steve Barone of Transformation Systems, who will facilitate the new strategic planning process, visited the district on January 5 to share information with the School Board, district staff and the community. On January 13-14 the Superintendent hosted four different Community Cafés in different areas of the county to hear from stakeholders about their hopes and ideas for public education during the next ten years.
“The school district has been true to its strategic plan,” said Superintendent Joseph Joyner, “but it’s time for us to revisit the plan. I encourage the community to become involved in helping us create a new educational vision for our young people.”
A new strategic plan will give school district employees, along with area citizens, the opportunity to determine the future direction of the school district and how it can most effectively deal with the numerous societal, legislative, economic and other issues that impact teaching and learning.
The school district invites any interested person to apply to serve on one of the strategic planning teams. Persons may nominate themselves or someone else in the community.  Nominees should plan to attend all scheduled meetings.
Action Planning Team Leaders – individuals with excellent organizational and facilitation skills with a vision for the future. These people will work with groups to determine plans of action for the accomplishment of each strategy. Meetings are scheduled March 24, May 3, June 2, June 7 and September 8.
Action Team Members – individuals willing to learn about, envision and create plans of action for each strategy. Specific strategies will be developed by the Core Planning Team.  Each team of 8-15 people will be assigned to a specific strategy. Meetings are scheduled March 24, May 3, June 2,  June 7 and September 8.
Measurement Team Members – content specific people who are charged with determining how progress on the strategic objectives will be measured. People may apply to serve on this team and others will be recruited once specific strategic objectives are identified. Meetings are scheduled Monday and Tuesday, March 22-23, 2010 and Thursday and Friday, September 9-10. Other meetings will be held as needed.
Individuals interested in working on any of these teams should contact Margie Davidson, Director of Community Relations, at [email protected] or at 547-7504. Applications are available on line at and by mail upon request.
Action Teams and the Measurement Team will be formed once the Core Planning Team drafts the new strategic plan on February 12-13. The Superintendent will make selections for each team from the completed applications and based upon the needs of that team.