Microsoft OneNote Updates

Microsoft has released some updates for OneNote, which will benefit teachers and students in our classrooms. OneNote online now allows students and teachers to insert audio files, pictures, and document attachments. The OneNote iPad app also has audio capabilities now, and more tagging options. At this time these features are only working in the Firefox browser.

How can these features be utilized in the classroom?

  • Elementary students (or struggling readers) can practice reading fluency by recording themselves while reading, and then play back the recording to self-assess their progress. Students can continue to practice reading and recording, until they achieve the desired level of prosody, rate, and accuracy.
  • Students in all grade levels can use the audio feature to demonstrate their knowledge of standards and topics they are learning. Students can type, write, or insert a picture of a problem they solved, then explain how they solved the problem in their recording.
  • Students can use OneNote to create a data notebook, then use the audio recording feature to explain their progress toward their learning goals.
  • Students and teachers can use the audio feature to ask and answer questions.
  • Students can create a digital portfolio of their work, by taking pictures of their assignments/projects, or uploading the documents directly to OneNote.
  • Students can use the tagging features to tag assignments they are ready to turn in. Then the teacher can search the tag, rather than opening each student’s notebook individually.
  • Students can use the ? tag to ask their teacher questions about the class or assignments.

There are so many other ways to use OneNote in the classroom. We are excited about the ideas OneNote has made possible  for student collaboration, organization, and curation.