DonorsChoose Funding For Your Classroom is an organization that funds projects for public school classrooms. Teachers can submit projects for technology, books, furniture, and any other classroom supplies. Donorschoose is a highly rated charity with 94.2% of money going directly to classrooms, while 4.4% goes toward fundraising. 72% of projects posted are fully funded!

Donorschoose currently has several match offers for teachers in Florida. These offers fund half of a teacher’s project once it is submitted.

Maker Project Match Offer– Infosys Foundation USA is providing match funding for projects asking for up to $500 in supplies for maker projects. Students then use these materials to enter the Infy Maker Awards Contest. Click here to find out more.

Robotics Project Match Offer- NewsCorp is providing match funding for robotics projects that are $1,200 or less.

Art Project Match Offer– An anonymous donor is providing match funding for projects that integrate art with another subject in high poverty schools. Projects can not exceed $5,000.

Click here to see other funding offers in Florida.


Good Luck!