Monthly Activity Reports

The Maintenance Department provides a monthly activities report for School Board review. The report consists of four (4) sections:

  1. The Requests Status Report provides statistical information regarding the total number of work orders issued for each facility, the number of work orders completed and the number in progress for the year to date time period specified. Also included are a total of costs expended.
  2. The Maintenance Department Projects Status Report describes work completed monthly at each facility based on requests for maintenance received, emergencies and projects planned to be completed during the stated month. In addition to the routine maintenance items completed, preventive maintenance projects and work orders are also noted. Also noted is the number of hours spent and total costs associated with the work orders through the last day of the month.
  3. The Maintenance Department Monthly Capital Improvement Projects Construction Status Report provides a monthly update of ongoing and completed work on capital projects.
  4. The Administrative Report provides a description of other significant activities performed by the Maintenance Department on behalf of the entire district that are not included in the other reports.

2016-2017 Reports:

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2012-2013 Reports: