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Inservice Requirements for the Esol Endorsement:  300 hours
ESOL Methods    
ESOL Culture    
ESOL Language and Literacy      
ESOL Curriculum and Materials   
ESOL Assessment 

Inservice Requirements for the Reading Endorsement:  300 hours
Competency 1 Foundations of Reading Instruction 
Competency 2 Application of Research-Based Instructional Practices      
Competency 3 Foundations of Assessment  
Competency 4 Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction
Competency 5 Demonstration of Accomplishment (Practicum)

Inservice Requirements for the Gifted Endorsement:  300 hours
Curriculum and Instructional Strategies for the Gifted
Education of Special Populations of Gifted Students
Theory and Development of Creativity
Nature and Needs of the Gifted Learner
Guidance and Counseling for the Gifted

Autism Endorsement - Requires a bachelors or higher degree with certification in any exceptional education area and:
Coursework which includes 12 semester hours to include:
Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Use of Assistive & Instructional Technology
Behavior Management
Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism
A field-based experience with students with autism spectrum disorder

Last Modified: Jan 02, 2014