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First Coast Technical College Update

July 1, 2016 - 

On July 1, 2016 First Coast Technical College will operate as a St. Johns County School. The Charter status of FCTC was terminated by mutual agreement between the Governing Board of First Coast Technical College (FCTC) and the St. Johns County School Board.

The St. Johns Count School District (SJCSD) will continue the operation of the school as a technical center with a focus on career education. The district intends to maintain all sustainable educational programs and over time to further develop and/or expand offerings that meet the needs of both adult and high school students in a tri-county area. The change in status of FCTC should have minimal immediate impact on existing students. FCTC is open and ready to serve!

Vendors and other parties associated with FCTC — please read the following important notice.

Four Public School Boards and Superintendents recognized as Master Boards

June 9, 2016 - 

IMG_2442 Tampa, FL—Four Public School Boards were recognized by the Florida School Boards Association at the Annual Summer Conference this week in Tampa, FL for earning the Master Board distinction.  Hamilton, Okeechobee, and St. Johns received their award in front of over 200 peers and education leaders from across the state during the conference luncheon. Walton County will receive their award in district at a meeting in July.

To earn this distinction, a majority of the district’s board members and the superintendent must be present for 22 training hours including a Master Board Forum.  The leadership curriculum is designed to offer meaningful learning sessions concentrating on student achievement through the four pillars of the FSBA Governance Model: vision, structure, accountability, and advocacy.

IMG_2463“FSBA’s Master Board program is designed to ensure that a school board and superintendent can work effectively, efficiently, and collectively as a governance team while maintaining a focus on student learning and factors contributing to the success of schools.  These board-superintendent teams have shown their commitment to alignment of a shared vision to ensure the desired results for their district,” commented FSBA Executive Director, Andrea Messina.

Hamilton County was also recognized as a Gold Star Master Board for having perfect attendance at all training events.

The Master Board Distinction is one of several professional development programs offered by the Florida School Boards Association to ensure board members obtain well-rounded and thorough understanding of his or her policy-making job responsibilities.

More information about all FSBA professional development offerings and recipients can be found at  

2016-2021 Strategic Plan

May 12, 2016 - 

The 2010-2015 St. Johns County School District’s (SJCSD) Strategic Plan, which was approved for five years, ended in December 2015. Planning for a new 2016-2021 St. Johns County School District’s Strategic Plan began with the selection of a 12 member Planning Team and a 16 member Implementation Team.

Half Cent Sales Tax Referendum

April 16, 2016 - 
Thank you, St. Johns County residents, for approving a half-cent sales tax increase for capital needs of your school district in a special referendum election on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Northeast Florida MathCounts Competition

March 7, 2016 - 
Switzerland Point students are pictured with coaches Deborah Robbins and Jennifer Wilkie

Switzerland Point Middle School students are pictured with coaches Deborah Robbins and Jennifer Wilkie

The Northeast Florida MathCounts competition was held Friday, February 26, at University of North Florida. It is the largest competition in the country and St. Johns County had six middle schools participating including Fruit Cove Middle School, Alice B. Landrum Middle School, Liberty Pines Academy, Patriot Oaks Academy, Sebastian Middle School, and Switzerland Point Middle School.

All St. Johns County middle schools competing placed in the top 40% of teams. Switzerland Point Middle School placed fourth overall and is advancing to the state competition held in Orlando on Friday, April 1.

2016 History Fair Winners

February 26, 2016 - 

awardsRoughly 100 students participated in the 4th Annual St. Johns County History Fair in February. Award winners were recognized at a ceremony held at First Coast Technical College on Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

Junior Division Winners

Individual website
1st – Kason Ancelin, Switzerland Point Middle, “Louis Pasteur’s Fight Against Disease”
2nd- Jennifer Balestra, Alice B. Landrum Middle, “Nelly Bly and Her Exploration of Americas Insane Asylums”
3rd – Joshua Jacobs, Fruit Cove Middle, “Expensive Explorations”

Group website
1st – Nathaniel Duck, Colin Ngin and Daniel Goodrich, Switzerland Point, “Challenger”
2nd – Jordan Sabo and Lindsey Sabo, Switzerland Point, “Encounter of the Solanas: Influence on Florida”
3rd – Mohit Ballikar, Deven Ellis and Joshua Prohofsky, Fruit Cove, “What went wrong between Andrew Jackson and the Cherokee Nation”.

Individual performance
1st – Nima Goodman, Landrum, “Exploration of the Life of Pocahontas”

Group performance
1st – Ethan Grunow-Drew and Alan Michael, Switzerland Point, “Fibonacci”
2nd – Ainsley Wiechens and Kayla Wiechens, Switzerland Point, “Ruth Wakefield”
3rd – Philip Baratelli, Lucas Comparato, Brady Teichman and Jude Howell, Fruit Cove, “Sparta’s Encounter with Romans”

Individual documentary
1st – Elliot Kantor, Landrum, “The Silk Road”
2nd – Jenna Forcier, Fruit Cove, “Juan Ponce De Leon and the Myth of the Fountain of Youth”
3rd – Wade Miller, Switzerland Point, “Space Race”

Group documentary
1st – Lauren Donalson and Kaitlyn Rouzie, Switzerland Point, “The Cubo Line and City Gate Protection and Security to the Nation’s Oldest City”
2nd – Alia Farooque and Camille Aguilar, Switzerland Point, “Small Pox”
3rd – Marina Mechetti, Carolina Mechetti and Lily Quick, Landrum, “The Exploration of Flight”

Individual exhibit
1st – Veronica Czajkowski, Patriot Oaks Academy, “Black Death”
2nd – Taylor Hampson, Fruit Cove, “King Henry VIII, his Influence of the Protestant Reformation, and the Motives of Pligrimages and Exploration to the New World”
3rd – Remington Chenore, Landrum, “The Radioactive Lady: Marie Curie”

Group exhibit
1st – Julia Martin and Caroline Rice, Fruit Cove, “Exploration of How Greek Mythology Affects Society”
2nd – Ava Nelms and Sophia Peake, Sebastian Middle, “Lewis and Clark”;
3rd – Lauren Alexis Edmonds and Addison Bullen, Switzerland Point, “Lost Ships of St. Augustine”

Research paper
1st – Angela Ramsey, Switzerland Point, “Genghis Khan”
2nd – Hanna Do, Patriot Oaks, “Triangle Factory Fire”
3rd – Ashton Monk, Landrum, “Little Boy and Fat Man”

Senior Division Winners

Individual website
1st – Danielle Haddock, Creekside High, “Can you Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?”
2nd – Adawe Bosworth, St. Augustine High, “Japanese Internment Camp”
3rd – Amanda Donahue, Ponte Vedra High, “Irish Immigration: A Cultural Exchange”
Honorable Mention – Adam Snowden, Ponte Vedra, “Fighting Yellow Jack: How the U.S. Army Yellow Fever Commission Identified the Culprit Behind the Spread of Yellow Fever”

Group website:
1st – Ben Honiker and Noah Kathe, Creekside, “The Viking Invasions of the British Isles 793-900 AD”
2nd – Elizabeth Fox, Frank Lukens and Harrison Snowden, Ponte Vedra, “Marie Tharp: Mapping the Ocean Floor”
3rd – Elliott Steele and Brighton Ancelin, Creekside, “The Space Race: US vs. USSR”

Individual documentary
1st – Shelby Brackett, Creekside, “Mabury vs. Madison”

Group documentary
1st – Ciara Boulos and Mia Andrews, St. Augustine, “Dr. Seuss: Perfectly Political”

Individual exhibit
1st – Nicholas Famularo, Ponte Vedra, “Zheng He: Admiral of the Western Seas”
2nd – Andrew Brownett, “The Young Apprentice of WWI”

Group exhibit
1st – Katherine Slava and Maia Medley, St. Augustine, “One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”
2nd – Matt Adams and Nicholas Rodgers, St. Augustine, “Midway”
3rd – Mairead “Maggie” Boylan, Taylor Noon and Aleyna Turker, Ponte Vedra, “Feminist Art and its Movement”

Research paper
1st – Charles Sherwood, Creekside, “Playing Revolution: Soviet Encounters in China from 1917-1928” (overall winner)
2nd – Rachel Barden, Creekside, “Horace Mann and the Public School Reform”
3rd – John Middleton, Ponte Vedra, “Exchanges and Encounters: Early New Spain in the North American Southwest”

Pedro Menendez High School Senior Selected as Asofsky Foundation’s Leaders 4 Life Fellow

January 28, 2016 - 


Hannah Kilbride has been selected as one of six Asofsky Family Foundation’s Leaders 4 Life Fellows.  This scholarship is awarded to Florida high school seniors who are in the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program and have achieved academic excellence in coursework and exhibited strong leadership skills.  As a Fellow, Hannah receives a Apple Laptop and financial assistance with all college expenses.  Each summer she will also be given the opportunity to participate in the Fellow Institute which is designed to enhance job skills, explore internships and network with other scholars and business leaders.  Hannah will be pursuing here college degree at Florida State University in the fall.

Board-Approved Instructional Materials

December 18, 2015 - 

The St. Johns County School District curriculum department representatives are reviewing materials for adoption consideration. The resources listed are currently being reviewed and final selections will be made available in January.  This list will be updated regularly to include any new resources submitted for review or to complete information currently requested from vendors/publishers.