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Bartram Trail High School
VyStar Academy of Business and Finance

Established in 2005-06

The VyStar Academy of Business and Finance is an academic and internship program for high school students exploring career opportunities within the financial services and business management industries. Students participate in a rigorous program of study that contains dual enrollment opportunities, advanced placement opportunities, and honors credit. Students in the academy are required to participate in the DECA student association.  Students may select from Finance, Business Supervision and Management, or Web Design.

Mission Statement:  VyStar Academy of Business and Finance at Bartram Trail High School will provide engaging and relevant curriculum in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Through applied learning students develop confidence, long-lasting relationships and a sense of community.

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Career Academy students from Bartram Trail's VyStar Academy of Business and Finance recently participated in the DECA district competitions, and did an outstanding job.  DECA is an international student membership organization which prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.   DECA has more than 200,000 members across 50 states in 9 countries!

Congratulations to the two instructors, Catherine Farina and Tim Davidson, who have prepared students for this experience.  Those students placing First in their Division qualified for the DECA State Competition in March.  Congratulations to the following students for representing BTHS with professionalism and class!!!!

DECA District Competition 2014
Accounting Applications                             1st Place Ali Murman—Bartram Trail

Hotel & Lodging Management                    1st Place Landon Hughes—Bartram Trail

Restaurant & Food Service Management     1st Place Emily Sangiamo—Bartram Trail

Retail Merchandising                                  1st Place Dorthea West—Bartram Trail

Sports & Entertainment Marketing            1st Place Hayden Good—Bartram Trail

Buying & Merchandising                            1st Place Team Dalton Ledford & Michael Turner—Bartram Trail

DEC regional 2014-15 (2).jpg1272014_103744_2.jpg
Business Law & Ethics                   1st Place Team Colton Delaney & Garrett Walker—Bartram Trail

Financial Services                          1st Place Team Elizabeth Netland & Magdalyn Larson—Bartram Trail

Hospitality Services                       1st Place Team Kelsey Davis & Tyler Gallitz—Bartram Trail

Sports & Entertainment Marketing   1st Place Team Jonathan Danek & Gavin White—Bartram Trail

Travel & Tourism                             1st Place Team Kaitlin Brittain & Patrick Brittain—Bartram Trail

Principles of Business Management & Administration                  1st Place Matthew Hackle—Bartram Trail

Principles of Finance                          1st Place Savannah Paduno—Bartram Trail

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism    1st Place Juliana Defaria—Bartram Trail

Principles of Marketing                       1st Place Sofia Camacho—Bartram Trail
d Place Students Run Bank at Bartram Trail                
First Coast News

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL -- Student banking is now a reality at Bartram Trail High as the school and Vystar Credit Union have teamed up to teach finance.
Six student managers were trained over the summer by Vystar staff and six tellers conduct business when the center is open two hours a day.
Diana Richmond is one of the branch managers. She enjoys learning the ins and outs of business.
"What really goes on behind the teller, " is just part of the learning curve she says.
This year's managers will be involved in recruiting staff and training future managers.
St. Johns County school superintendent Dr. Joseph Joyner took part in the ribbon cutting ceremonies at Bartram Trail.
"That's what business can do for us, actually provide real life experience for our students," Joyner told First Coast News. "It's invaluable."

Article on the VyStar grand opening at Jax Daily Record:  Jax Daily Record

VyStar Summer Interns

Austin Pessel                                  Callaway Johnson
Charles Brantley                              Brooke Page
Daniel Ortiz                                      Kaitlyn Whitsell
John Wheatley                                 Anthony Curay
Brittany Newland                             Kathryn Priestley

Not pictured:  Ceiarra Scott and Brittany Page

Program of Study
Please click on the link:

Academy Brochure

Download and print the academy brochure from the link below.


Catherine Farina
Tim Davidson
Michelle Kisch - Career Specialist
Visit the following Department of Education Website to learn more about the career clusters:

Potential Careers / Salaries

Post Secondary Articulations

Certificate Programs at St. Johns River Community College
Accounting Management - Up to 12 hours at SJRCC
Administrative Assistant - 150 hours at FCTI
Business Management - Up to 9 credits at SJRCC
Office Management-Legal - Up to 15 credits at SJRCC
Office Management- Up to 12 credits at SJRCC
Medical Administrative Specialist -150 hours at FCTI

Associate of Science Degrees at St. Johns River Community College
Accounting Technology - Up to 12 credits at SJRCC
Business Administration - Up to 9 credits at SJRCC
Computer Information Admin - Up to 18 credits at SJRC
Financial Services - Up to 15 credits at SJRCC
Marketing - Up to 21 credits at SJRCC
Office Administration - Legal - Up to 21 credits at SJRCC
Office Administration - Up to 17 credits at SJRCC
Office Administration - Medical - Up to 17 credits at SJRCC

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