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Media Release: February 14, 2011

Science Fair Winners
Caroline Snowden of Ponte Vedra High School won top honors in the Senior Division of the 2011 River Region East Science Fair held last week at First Coast Technical College. Her project was entitled “Developing a Cipher Based on Conversions of Non-base 10 Number Systems.”

William Paul of Landrum Middle School won best overall in the Junior Division. William’s project was entitled, “Proteomic Comparison of Cyanbacteria Species Suited for Life in a Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Environment: Terraforming Mars Part III.” William also tied for best overall project in the Junior Division at last year’s Science Fair.

Approximately 132 science projects representing 142 participants were involved in the annual science fair.  The overall winners will be recognized at the March 8 School Board meeting.

Participating middle schools included Fruit Cove Middle School (FCMS), Landrum Middle School (LMS), Liberty Pines Academy (LPA), Murray Middle School (MMS), Pacetti Bay Middle School (PBMS), Gamble Rogers Middle School (GRMS), Sebastian Middle School (SMS) and Switzerland Point Middle School (SPMS). Also participating were Palmer Catholic Academy (PCA) and Cathedral Parish School (CPS).

Participating high schools were Bartram Trail High School (BTHS), Pedro Menendez High School (PMHS), Nease High School (NHS), Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS) and St. Augustine High School (SAHS).

The category winners are listed below.


Behavioral Sciences
1st Place – Marissa Rice and Jenna Copenhaver, PVHS
2nd Place - Annika Goldman, PVHS
3rd Place  - Grace O’Hara, PVHS
Honorable Mention – Madison French, BTHS

Engineering Sciences
1st Place – Caroline Snowden, PVHS
2nd Place – Phoebe Fleming, SAHS
3rd Place – Leila Sabet, PVHS
Honorable Mention – Sierra Moody, SAHS

Environmental Science
1st Place – Maya Goldman, PVHS
2nd Place – Monica Connelly, PVHS
3rd Place – Isabel Nunez, SAHS
Honorable Mention – Robert Aspinwall, PVHS

Medicine and Health Sciences
1st Place – Andrew Yurko, NHS
2nd Place – William Meadow, PVHS
3rd Place  - Lagan Mullin, PVHS
Honorable Mention – Luke Smith, NHS

Physics and Chemistry
1st Place – Matthew Carter and Kiel Parker, PMHS
2nd Place – Justin Hartley, NHS
3rd Place  - Julianna Pettinger, BTHS
Honorable Mention – Teddi Koppelberger and Alex Macy, PMHS


Behavioral Sciences
1st Place – Wilson Erickson and Sam Still, LMS
2nd Place – Charis Wang, FCMS
3rd Place – Mark Davey and Davis Massey, LMS
Honorable Mention – Michael Peil, Jr., GRMS

1st Place – Sanjana Bhargava, MMS
2nd Place – Mughil Sriram, LMS
3rd Place – Suzanne Scheuble, PCA
Honorable Mention – Robert Schrader, FCMS

1st Place - William Paul, LMS
2nd Place – James Carpenter, FCMS
3rd Place – Kylie Napier, MMS
Honorable Mention – Brittany Brown, FCMS

Engineering Sciences
1st Place – Alexa Burch, LMS
2nd Place – Zach Anastasiadis, LMS
3rd Place – Adam Snowden, LMS
Honorable Mention - Reece Dantin, PCA

Medicine and Microbiology
1st Place – Audrey and Ava DuBose, FCMS
2nd Place- Lauren Wisniewski, FCMS
3rd Place – Alexandra Bechtle, LMS
Honorable Mention – Abigail Miller, LMS
1st Place – Delany Bolton, CPS
2nd Place – James Hoelle, LPA
3rd Place – Lindsay Freeman, PCA
Honorable Mention – Reemsha Basrai, SPMS

Zoology and Botany
1st Place – August Williams, SMS
2nd Place- Rachel Winer, LMS
3rd Place – Hannah Shaffer, LPA
Honorable Mention – Hannah Dubose, SMS

Twenty-four students representing nineteen projects were selected to go on to compete at the State Science Fair scheduled March 23-25 in Orlando. Science Fair Program Specialist Mark Lewis will be coordinating the trip.

The participants are listed below:
Cathedral Parish School – Delany Bolton

Fruit Cove Middle School – James Carpenter, Audrey DuBose and Ava DuBose

Landrum Middle School – Alexandra Bechtle, Alexa Burch, Wilson Erickson, William Paul, Sam Still and Rachel Winer

Liberty Pines Academy – Hannah Shaffer

Pedro Menendez High School – Matthew Carter and Kiel Parker

Murray Middle School – Sanjana Bhargava

Nease High School – Justin Hartley and Andrew Yurko

Ponte Vedra High School - Jenna Copenhaver, Maya Goldman, William Meadow, Lagan Mullin, Marissa Rice and Caroline Snowden

St. Augustine High School - Phoebe Fleming

Sebastian Middle School – August Williams

Caroline Snowden was also selected to represent St. Johns County at the International Science and Engineering Fair scheduled May 8-13 in Los Angeles, California. Florida Power and Light is donating $400 to defray the cost of travel for the winner and chaperone to attend this event.

The Science Fair is an academic competition designed to challenge students to rigorously apply science process skills and content knowledge in order to investigate scientific questions of their own choosing. Participants also experience the importance of practicing science ethics and responsibility on a personal level.

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