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Media Releases: September 5, 2003

The number of students attending St. Johns County Public Schools by the 20-day attendance count was 22,542, an increase of 1,215 students over the same time last year. This total does not include approximately 135 students enrolled in Head Start programs or those enrolled at First Coast Technical Institute or Hastings Youth Academy.

This latest attendance figure represents a 5.7 percent increase over last year’s 20-day total of 21,327. This figure is almost one percent higher than the district student growth rate last year and keeps St. Johns County among the fastest growing school districts in the state.

“This substantial increase in student population is similar to what the district experienced last year,” said Superintendent Joseph Joyner. “In anticipation of this growth, we opened Durbin Creek Elementary School and have two additional elementary schools scheduled to open next August. One of these facilities will be located in the northwestern part of the county which continues to be our primary growth area.”

Considering the school district as a whole, high schools again had the largest growth with 8.2 percent. Elementary school enrollment increased by 4.8 percent, followed by middle schools at 4.2 percent. Schools with the largest increases for 2003-2004 are Mill Creek Elementary School (28.2 percent), Bartram Trail High School (15.9 percent), Ocean Palms Elementary School (12.8 percent), Rawlings Elementary School (6.8 percent), Nease High School (6.4 percent), Pedro Menendez High School (6.4 percent) and Murray Middle School (5.3 percent).

Part of the increase in student growth rate may be attributed to the wide variety of educational options available to students in St. Johns County. The school district offers several academies at each of the high schools that are open to all students residing in the county.

“This is a vibrant community and we offer a lot of choices for students,” said Jim Welu, Director of Student Services and Testing. “The school district works closely with parents and teachers to provide a variety of academic opportunities and extracurricular activities for all students.”

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