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Media Releases: April 9, 2003

The St. Johns County School District has been awarded a $300,000 grant in the recent Enhancing Education Through Technology competition, part of the Federal No Child Left Behind Act. St. Johns County was one of 39 counties in Florida to receive funding through this grant program.

The district also received $67,376 as part of the allocation grant which is provided to each district based on student enrollment. Grant funds will be used to enhance the Instructional Delivery Model (IDM) project, which uses technology as a primary teaching strategy.

The IDM project was initiated three years ago in ten classrooms in five different elementary schools where students and teachers used portable computers as the major teaching tool. Two years ago the district received a $490,000 Technology Literacy Challenge Fund grant to expand the project. That grant funded equipment and teacher training for the inclusion of six additional classrooms. At the present time all elementary schools have at least one IDM classroom.

The new grant will enable the project to be expanded to the middle school level, in addition to supporting the IDM programs already in place. Teacher teams at Fruit Cove Middle School (FCMS), Murray Middle School (MMS) and Switzerland Point Middle School (SPMS) were selected to participate in the project next year.

They include Joni Collins, Cathy Crowe, Susan Hammonds and Michelle Huff of FCMS; Stacey Doolin, John English, Jeff Holt, Ken Toner and Michelle Wamser of MMS; and Patty Barrett, Marian Campbell, Amanda Fedak and Kassie Norris of SPMS. Training for these teachers will take place in June and July with the middle schools implementing the project in their classrooms next fall. Elementary school teachers will also serve as mentors for the new teacher teams.

The IDM project is directly tied to the district’s Strategic Plan. The school district’s technology vision involves students having personal pathways to learning, and the IDM project provides a means of piloting this concept. Through the use of technology, learning can take place anywhere, anytime and at any pace.

Dr. Pat Horn and Helen DiMare of the Curriculum Instructional Services Department will serve as project coordinators.

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