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Media Releases: February 13, 2003
Zackary Miller and Kristin Alligood of Pedro Menendez High School tied for top honors in the Senior Division of the 2003 River Region East Science Fair held last week at First Coast Technical Institute. Nathan Georgette of Landrum Middle School won best overall in the Junior Division.

Zachary won first place in the Senior Physical Science category for his project entitled “Poly Grip - Looking for a Correlation between the Densities and Static Friction Coefficients of Various Polymers,” and Kristin won first place in the Senior Biological Science category for her project,” Effects of cAmp and Light on the Biochemical Anatomy of Photoreceptors.”

Nathan won first place in the Junior Engineering and Mathematics category with his project entitled “Oscillation Calculation: Mathematically Modeling Vertical Spring Oscillations.” All three students will be honored at the March 6 School Board meeting.

Approximately 90 middle and high school students were involved in the annual fair. Participating schools included Landrum Middle School, Murray Middle School, Gamble Rogers Middle School, Sebastian Middle School, Cathedral Parish School, Bartram Trail High School, Pedro Menendez High School, Nease High School and St. Augustine High School. The category winners are listed below.


Biological Science

1st Place - Kristin Alligood, Pedro Menendez High School (PMHS)
2nd Place - Lisa Matragrano, Nease High School (NHS)
3rd Place - Kelsey Kempler, PMHS
Honorable Mention - Sarah Hakala of Bartram Trail High School (BTHS) and Monica Murphy of NHS

Physical Science
1st Place - Zackary Miller, PMHS
2nd Place - Luke Georgette, NHS
3rd Place - John Grunder and Daniel Morrow, St. Augustine High School (SAHS)
Honorable Mention - Devon Hutchins and Leah Thorpe, SAHS


Behavioral and Social Sciences
1st Place - Sierra Saey, Murray Middle School (MMS)
2nd Place - Marvin Jenkins, MMS
3rd Place - Karolyn Reed and Kerri Roehrig, Landrum Middle School (LMS)
Honorable Mention - Chelsea Wiseman, Sebastian Middle School (SMS)

1st Place - Melissa Kunkel, LMS
2nd Place - Candace Garrett, MMS
3rd Place - Stephanie Gillespie, SMS
Honorable Mention - Sarah Kirkman and Katherine Kirkman, Cathedral Parish School (CPS)

1st Place - Shan Wang, LMS
2nd Place - Whitney Kersey and Paige DePriest, Gamble Rogers Middle School (GRMS)
3rd Place - Donna Styron, MMS
Honorable Mention - Parnika Salooja, SMS

Earth and Space Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Health, Zoology
1st Place - Constance Ables, LMS
2nd Place - Jonathan Gendzier, LMS
3rd Place - Kayla Young, MMS
Honorable Mention - Trenton Wainwright, MMS and Henrick Kaczmarczyk, CPS

1st Place - Nathan Georgette, LMS
2nd Place - Michael Pyle, SMS
3rd Place - Britton Glendenning, SMS
Honorable Mention - Nathaniel Wuellner, SMS

1st Place - George Erickson, LMS
2nd Place - Joshua Kessler, LMS
3rd Place - Sara Perez, MMS
Honorable Mention - Travis Neville, MMS and Wally Kropacek, GRMS

Twenty-six students have also qualified to go on to the state competition scheduled April 9-11 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville. Tom Alexander is serving as the county science fair director.

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